Our Institute; Our university is continuing a with total 112 programs Graduate studies to be 3 faculties, 3 institutes, 48 doctoral programs, 60 graduate in 47 departments, 2 masters of degrees of non-thesis, 2 masters of the English language. Registered for programs 718 Graduates, 1119 Ph.D., master’s non-thesis, 43 private students to be 1880 students in total with 2 student jobs staff service is provided.

Education-Teaching, Istanbul Medicine Faculty, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Aziz Sancar Experimental Medicine Research, Oncology, Child Health Institutes carried out.

Master degree non-thesis in Occupational Health and Safety and Medical Microbiology in the department in Istanbul Medical Faculty; The Faculty of Dentistry Oral Biology and Aziz Sancar Experimental Medicine Research Institute in the Department of Genetics in Program of Biohealth Informatics in English language graduate education is offered. A total of 6153 students have graduated from our institute including 2724 master degree students, 2700 doctorates and 289 non-thesis graduate students and 440 students from Fatih University closed. Our institute is located next to the Computer Center of Beyazıt Campus.

​Our mission responsibilities, responsive to the evolving health needs of the society through scientific research, will contribute to science at a national and international  level, whose aim is lifelong learning, have creative scientific thought to train competent scientists in the field.

A leader in the field of national and international in level tries to be a reputable and innovative institution.

To have scientific thought and freedom,

To open to international standards and communication,

Respect for human rights and against discrimination,

To have moral values,

To have an environmental awareness and sensitivity,

To be a corporate culture,

To continue to be an institution adopting to contribute to community development.


With consciousness and understanding that the public service is above every special interest and be present in the public service of a public servant;
* To meet quickly and efficiently the most effective needs of the staff of our university, improve service quality and working to increase staff satisfaction,
* My task is respect for human rights, transparency, participation, honesty, accountability, to wink public utility and to fulfill in line with the principles of the rule of law,
* Language, religion, philosophical belief, political thought, race, age, physical disability, and gender without distinction, defy to equal opportunity obstructive behavior and practices, neutrality within service requirements acting appropriately,
* My task, no real associated with the task or without receiving a gift from a legal entity, financial and spirit benefit or without providing any interest of this nature, fulfilling without any special benefit expectation,
* Public goods and resources public purposes and service requirements outside not to use and as not to put, these goods and sources not to waste,
* People's petition, getting information, complaints and litigate rights respectful acting to my colleagues and concerned to my other interlocutors against, kind, restrained and act respectfully,
* Prepared by the Ethics Committee of the Public Officials with regulations identified ethical behavior principles and values depending and to serve I commit.

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Our Institute date 6 October 1982 and numbered 17830” Graduate Teaching Regulations” and date 3 March 1983 and numbered 17976 “The Operation and Regulation of Graduate Education and Teaching Institutes with our Rector was established depending on. Our Institute, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Internal Diseases, Department Manager Professor Dr. A, Sevim Büyükdevrim, Manager Assistants Professor Dr. Nuran Gökhan, Professor Dr. Perihan Baslo and Secretary of the Institute from Zeynep Bozkurt formed administrative staff with started with the task. Our Institute on 09.11.1982 other boards have completed and later new cadres upon receipt current availability reached. A total of 6153 students have graduated from our institute including 2724 master degree students, 2700 doctorate and 289 non-thesis graduate students and 440 students from Fatih University closed.